Walk-in shall be manufactured to National Sanitation Foundation requirements and shall bear the NSF Seal of Approval and U.L. Certification. Unit shall be constructed of modular panels allowing easy set-up and installation of walk-in. Panels shall be connected together by cam lock connectors activated by an L-shaped allen wrench supplied with walk-in. Cam locks must be able to be moved in case of future modifications. Unit must have capacity to be easily disassembled for relocation or future expansion.

Complete shop drawings must be supplied by manufacturer and submitted to customer for approval prior to manufacturing.


Walls, ceilings, and floor shall consist of interior and exterior metal laminated to rigid, extruded foam insulation. All wall, ceiling, and floor panels shall be manufactured using no wood products unless noted. A double-barreled vinyl gasket shall be provided on panel edges to provide a vapor proof seal. Vinyl gasket must be installed so back edge of gasket material wraps around metal skin.

All wall and ceiling insulation shall be 4 inches thick, high quality, rigid virgin Extruded Polystyrene (Foamular 250, supplied by Owens Corning or PC-20 supplied by Dow Chemical) for insulation, 1.6 lb density. K factor of not more than .125 and an R factor of no less than 8 per inch, initial fresh R-32 minimum total walls R factor. Vapor transmission shall be less than 1 perm and foam core material must meet UL 25 flame spread rating with average smoke rating less than 165.

All electrical items shall be UL approved for use in walk-in environments.


All galvanized, galvalume, and white wall, ceiling and exterior floor skins shall be 26 gauge. All stainless steel walls and ceilings shall be 24 gauge. All stainless steel floors shall be 22 gauge.

Door latch shall be a self-closing flush mount style with magnetic gasket and come complete with quality chrome latches and hinges. Latch shall have inside safety release handle. Door shall be fitted on top and both sides with magnetic gasket enclosed between 2 and 1/2 inch vinyl sweeps when door is closed. Frame shall be equipped with door heater wire channel with snap on and off 1 1/4 inch stainless steel cover. In freezer applications, door heater wire shall be temperature self-regulated and field replaceable. Door shall be equipped with automatic self-closer, vapor proof light, junction box, and light switch with pilot. Bottom edge of door shall be fitted with replaceable triple-edge wiper type sweep, which shall provide a seal resistant to oil, fats, water, and abrasion. Door bears U.L. Certification.

Units shall come palletized on skids with protective corners, banding and covered in plastic wrap.


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