Below we have included troubleshooting guidelines for basic maintenance. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 573.271.3424 or


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Thermometer Reads Incorrectly


Make sure that the temperature probe is toward the center of the walk-in. Make sure it is not in direct line of the air flow from the coils. Check to make sure all wiring is properly secured and undamaged.


Ceiling Overhangs Wall


If walls are not level at the top, loosen wall cams and adjust walls so the tops of the walls align. If walls are level at the top, loosen corner wall panel and tap out wall panel to line up with outer edge of ceiling. Lock ceiling to wall and re-lock corner wall panel.


Door Doesn’t Shut Correctly


Make sure the door closer is working correctly and it catches the hook. Make sure the walls are plumb.


Door is Not Level


Make sure the floor is level. If the floor is not level, shim as needed.


Ceiling Panels Won’t Lock Into Walls


If the walls have been locked to the walk-in floor, unlock the walls from the floor, lock ceiling panels down to the walls, and re-lock walls to the floor.  Do not attempt to force the locking mechanism - this can damage it.


Cam Wrench Doesn’t Work Correctly in Cam Hole


Only insert the cam wrench far enough to catch the locking mechanism. Make sure you insert the tapered end of the cam wrench into the cam hole.


Cam Locks Won’t Lock


Make sure all wall panels are flush on sides and top so that the cam locks line up correctly. Reset locking device as necessary. Do not turn locking mechanism past normal locking range.


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